cup 2008 National Rankings*

2008 Players of the Year!!!
Congratulations to Sam and Troy of Washington D.C.

*Includes all tournaments held through the Las Vegas bid whist weekend
Out Of The Thousands Of Bid Whist Players In The USA.
 It Is An Honor To Be Anywhere On The List Below.

1st Place
Main Event
1st =10 Points

1st Place Other Tournaments
Place = 8
2nd Place = 6
3rd Place = 4
4th Place = 2

National Rank

First Name
Last Name
1st Sam Wilson 44 DC Area
1st Troy Briscoe 44 DC Area
3rd Stacy Haskins 40 New York
4th Slamma   36 Bahamas
5th Tiffany Clark 32 Baltimore
6th Stephan Johnson 30 Los Angeles
7th Harold Flowers 28 Detroit
8th The Whistmaster 26 Los Angeles
8th Thomas Covington 26 Pittsburgh
8th Geoff (Notorious B.I.D) Harrell 26 Detroit
8th Gary (gmjackson) Jackson 26 Houston
8th Tony (curley)    26 Houston
13th Robert Jackson 24 New Orleans
14th Lady T Jefferson 22 Detroit
14th David Jefferson 22 Detroit
16th Almaria Clark 20 Baltimore
16th Keith England 20 New York
16th Aron Myers 20 New York
19th Patrenia Graham 18 Atlanta
19th Gloria Watts 18 New York
19th Anthony(Blood) Williams 18 New Orleans
19th Dot Stevenson 18 New York
23rd Nessie Case 16 New York
23rd Lenora Clinton 16 New York
23rd Randall Stubblefield 16 Pittsburgh
23rd Johnny Jefferson 16 Dallas
23rd Acey Scott 16 Gonzales LA
23rd Melvin(Wiley) Williams 16 Gonzales LA
23rd Patrick   16 New Orleans
30th Jerry Jefferson 14 Baltimore / DC
30th Virgil Baker 14 Baltimore / DC
30th Henry Bell 14 Tampa
30th Tressa Williams 14 Nashville
30th BeBe   14 Atlanta
30th Stephanie Martin 14 New York
30th Tony Graves 14 Dallas
30th Shawn    14 Nashville
38th Dee  Holmes 12 Atlanta
38th Swade  Davis 12 Atlanta
38th Lou Williams 12 Atlanta
38th Michael(Rican) Acosta 12 Los Angeles
38th Greg Lowe 12 Columbus
38th Marlon Daniel 12 New York
44th Brent   10 Atlanta
44th Mitchell Jefferson 10 Detroit
44th Slennia(Nay-Nay) Whitening 10 Montgomery AL
44th Teddy Hancock 10 New Orleans
44th Monique Smith 10 New York
44th Kirk Brown 10 New York
44th Gary Jackson 10 Dallas
44th Tony    10 Dallas
52nd Sandra Clark 8 Baltimore
52nd Barbara Ambush 8 Baltimore
52nd Phillis Primus 8 Atlanta
52nd Alicia    8 Atlanta
52nd Ronnie Ogletree 8 Atlanta
52nd George Whitfield 8 Detroit
52nd Denise  Ferguson 8 Detroit
52nd William (Bill) Bell 8 Detroit
52nd Yammi    8 Detroit
52nd Mike Scott 8 Atlanta
52nd Deborah Parker 8 Atlanta
52nd Renee Steele 8 New York
52nd Greg Gadson 8 Atlanta
52nd Kitty Slaughter 8 Detroit
52nd Jermaine Martin 8 Los Angeles
52nd Sharon(Shuxzy) Ogden 8 New Orleans
52nd Terry  Stewart 8 Gonzales LA
52nd Brien  Stewart 8 Gonzales LA
52nd Dennis Moore 8 Los Angeles
52nd Shelia Reed 8 Los Angeles
52nd Cheryl Henderson 8 Los Angeles
52nd Vermelle Easley 8 Los Angeles
52nd Shasha  Moore 8 Las Vegas
52nd Jimmy Smith 8 New York
52nd Denisah Williamson 8 Newark, NJ
52nd Ronald K Noble 8 Atlanta
52nd JR Laney 8 Atlanta
52nd Knowledge    8 Atlanta
52nd Craig Foy 8 New York
81st House   6 Las Vegas
81st Curt   6 Atlanta
81st Charles   6 Atlanta
81st Frank(Fmat55) Mathis 6 Florence SC
81st Ray Harris 6 Atlanta
81st Charles Walters 6 Atlanta
81st Eva Duncan 6 Las Vegas
81st Stephanie Pegues 6 Las Vegas
81st Lavarn Peters Jr 6 New Orleans
81st Tyrone Peterson 6 New York
81st Shotta    6 Atlanta
81st Marie Jackson 6 New York
81st Cathy Lloyd 6 New York
81st LeeShell Montgomery 6 North Carolina
81st Benny Bates 6 Delaware
81st Samuel Ward 6 Delaware
81st Carter Bryant 6 Dallas
81st Alice    6 Dallas
81st Southfield Lou 6 Detroit
81st Mrs 7No   6 Dallas
81st Judy   6 Minnesota
81st Marie   6 Minnesota
81st Mary 6 Columbus
81st Andy Watson 6 Miami
105th Jeff Baulding 4 Atlanta
105th Tez   4 Atlanta
105th AV   4 Atlanta
105th Rodney   4 Atlanta
105th Zeb   4 Las Vegas
105th MJ   4 Las Vegas
105th Fast Eddy  Futch 4 Orlando
105th Sharon  Howard 4 Orlando
105th Muriel Jones 4 DC Area
105th Zandra Carruthers 4 Los Angeles
105th Levert Adbul-Aleem 4 Los Angeles
105th Terry Stewart 4 Louisiana
105th Jackie Spencer 4 Seattle
105th William Claypool 4 Detroit
105th Mike Kennedy 4 Detroit
105th Ms Vee   4 Detroit
105th Gladys   4 Los Angeles
105th Gena   4 Los Angeles
105th Rhonda Wright 4 Los Angeles
105th Lillie Allen 4 Los Angeles
105th Conley Barnett 4 Gonzales LA
105th George Parker 4 Gonzales LA
105th Kenny Palmer 4 New Jersey
105th Linwood Woodhouse 4 Atlanta
105th Ben(Tilemaster) Isarel 4 Atlanta
130th Reba   2 Detroit
130th Karen   2 Miami
130th Don   2 Miami
130th Wesley Batts 2 DC Area
130th Karen    2 Atlanta
130th Ernest Collins 2 DC Area
130th Gene Simmons 2 Miami
130th Ron Wilkerson 2 New Orleans
130th Claude Wilkerson 2 New Orleans
130th Tru Dobbins 2 Pittsburgh
130th Mr No Trumps 2 Pittsburgh
130th Sinsey   2 New Orleans
130th Eric White 2 Detroit
130th Alan Swaze 2 Detroit
130th George   2 Gonzales LA
130th Jazz   2 Gonzales LA
130th Al   2 Las Vegas
130th Joe   2 Las Vegas
130th Deborah (richgirl)   2 New York
130th Robin   2 Orlando
130th Errol Adams 2 New Jersey
130th Boom Khan 2 New York
130th Helen Khan 2 New York
130th Ron   2 New York


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