2012 National Rankings*               

Congratulations to the 2012 Player of the Year, Tiffany Hutson of Atlanta, GA. Congratulations to Tiffany!!!

*Includes all tournaments held through the Las Vegas bid whist weekend
Out Of The Thousands Of Bid Whist Players In The USA.
 It Is An Honor To Be Anywhere On The List Below.

1st Place
Main Event
1st =10 Points

1st Place Other Tournaments
Place = 8
2nd Place = 6
3rd Place = 4
4th Place = 2

National Rank

First Name
Last Name
1st Tiffany Hutson 50 Chicago
2nd Carl Chambers 48 Chicago
3rd Gregg Brown 36 Miami
4th Che Alexander 34 Atlanta
4th Bobby Lewis 34 Atlanta
6th Joe Jones 26 New York
7th Jerry Jefferson 24 Maryland
8th JR Laney 22 Atlanta
8th Virgil Baker 22 Maryland
10th Ulysses Brown 20 Atlanta
10th Ron Noble 20 Atlanta
10th Karen Rigsby 20 Atlanta
10th Bill Bell 20 Detroit
10th Marie Jackson 20 New York
15th Craig Foy 18 New York
15th Stephanie Martin 18 New York
15th Kenny Wright 18 Orlando
18th Eleanor Burke 16 New York
18th Karen Ezell-Davis 16 New York
20th Notorious BID (Swamp Swamp!)   14 Detroit
20th Claude Robinson 14 New York
22nd Jeff  Bond 12 Atlanta
22nd Greg Gadson 12 Atlanta
22nd Reba Bell 12 Detroit
22nd Charma Adams 12 Los Angeles
22nd Steve Hawkins 12 Los Angeles
22nd Sophia Shack 12 Los Angeles
22nd Rick (Henglo) Kindred 12 Miami
22nd Gene Simmons 12 Miami
22nd Denise Elbeck 12 New Jersey
22nd Blood Williams 12 New Orleans
22nd Lenora Clinton 12 New York
22nd Boom Khan 12 New York
22nd Helen Khan 12 New York
35th Jeff Baulding 10 Atlanta
35th Patrenia Graham 10 Atlanta
35th Lou Williams 10 Atlanta
35th Mo (Wolfpack) Mohammed 10 Detroit
35th Dianne Parham 10 Detroit
35th David Brown 10 Las Vegas
35th Herman Pegues 10 Las Vegas
35th Stephanie Pegues 10 Las Vegas
35th Zara Madison 10 Los Angeles
35th Stacy Haskins 10 New York
35th Tyrone Peterson 10 New York
46th Bruce (Killer Bee) Douglas 8 Atlanta
46th Ronnie (Kappa Konnection) Ogletree 8 Atlanta
46th Ben (Killer Bee) Ross 8 Atlanta
46th Kevin Jones 8 California
46th Jazz Barnett 8 Detroit
46th Linda Christian 8 Detroit
46th Jonjerrie Gray 8 Detroit
46th George Whitfield 8 Detroit
46th Curtis Franklin 8 Florida
46th Elree Jones 8 Los Angeles
46th Shay Jones 8 Los Angeles
46th Gerald Lofton 8 Los Angeles
46th Jesse  Powell 8 Maryland
46th Kevin   8 New York
46th Richard Messick 8 North Carolina
46th D. Reese 8 North Carolina
46th Pat Robinson 8 Orlando
46th 1-800 Covington 8 Pittsburgh
46th Henry  (Kappa Konnection) Bell 8 Tampa
46th Roxanne Law 8 Tampa
66th Cathy Lloyd 6 Atlanta
66th Barbara Ambush 6 Baltimore
66th Tiffany (tiff300zx) Clark 6 Baltimore
66th Martin   6 Chicago
66th Mitchell (Rumors) Jefferson 6 Detroit
66th Mitchell Partner   6 Detroit
66th Cynthia Bryan 6 Las Vegas
66th Jonathan (JK) Landrum 6 Las Vegas
66th Zeb (7No2) Lollis 6 Las Vegas
66th Sherry Jenkins 6 Los Angeles
66th Stephan Johnson 6 Los Angeles
66th Laveda Theus 6 Los Angeles
66th Cookie Tolliver 6 Los Angeles
66th Tyrone   6 Los Angeles
66th Felicia   6 Los Angeles
66th Beverly   6 Maryland
66th Alice   6 Maryland
66th Gwen   6 Miami
66th Chris   6 Miami
66th Keith England 6 New Jersey
66th Tony Edwards 6 New Orleans
66th Robert  Jackson 6 New Orleans
66th Wanda Jones 6 New Orleans
66th Kirk Brown 6 New York
66th Nessie Case 6 New York
66th Denise  Gillard 6 New York
66th Marlene   6 New York
66th Floyd   6 New York
66th Sam   6 New York
66th Tom Williams 6 Orlando
66th TC Williams 6 Orlando
97th Shean Lawson 4 Alabama
97th Aces Club 4 Atlanta
97th Aces Spade 4 Atlanta
97th Monroe (Smokey) Clark 4 Baltimore
97th Andrea Adams 4 Chicago
97th Marilyn McLaurin 4 Chicago
97th Tyrone Porties 4 Chicago
97th Ejay Joiner 4 DC
97th Tuck Tucker 4 DC
97th June   4 DC
97th Ernest   4 DC
97th AP   4 Detroit
97th Brien Stewart 4 Gonzales
97th Terry Stewart 4 Gonzales
97th Beverlyn Jackson 4 Los Angeles
97th Chris (Whistmaster) Jones 4 Los Angeles
97th Michelle Wilson 4 Los Angeles
97th Rhonda Wright 4 Los Angeles
97th Geraldine Shabazz 4 Minnesota
97th Geraldine Partner   4 Minnesota
97th Knowledge   4 New Orleans
97th Hankstir   4 New Orleans
97th Keithrone   4 New Orleans
97th Peter   4 New York
97th Mike   4 New York
97th Jody McCollough 4 Orlando
123rd Wade Corbitt 2 Atlanta
123rd Shotta   2 Atlanta
123rd Almaria Clark 2 Baltimore
123rd Al   2 Chicago
123rd Reese   2 Chicago
123rd Dan Hawley 2 Columbus
123rd Moe Lyles 2 Columbus
123rd Lady T (5 No) Jefferson 2 Detroit
123rd Leeshell Montgomery 2 Detroit
123rd Evan   2 Detroit
123rd Rican (Mike) Acosta 2 Los Angeles
123rd Ci-Ci Akaose 2 Los Angeles
123rd Cynthia Arthur 2 Los Angeles
123rd Dennis Moore 2 Los Angeles
123rd Shelia Reed 2 Los Angeles
123rd Wille Mae   2 Los Angeles
123rd Slamma   2 Miami
123rd Patrick Huntley 2 New Orleans
123rd Aaron  Mercadel 2 New Orleans
123rd Roy   2 New Orleans
123rd Renee Steele-Catnazaro 2 New York
123rd Freda   2 New York
123rd Pat   2 New York


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