wpeA5.jpg (19162 bytes)Roderick Walker & Aaron Mercadel
Win Over $2400
In The 2002 East Coast
Bid Whist Title

Story By Roderick Walker

My original partner cancelled at the last second, but suggested I meet and play with Aaron.  I drove from Texas to New Orleans, met Aaron and together we drove to Atlanta. 

In the tournament, our strengths peaked, we caught good cards, and we were lucky...all which combined to help us win the East Coast Bid Whist Championship.


I have played in several significant card tournaments

  • Bid Whist - 1994-Los Angeles

  • Bid Whist - 2000-New Orleans

  • World Series Of Poker

  • World Poker Open

I am blessed to have made great friends in my travels in the military such that I can celebrate with my Bid Whist friends in New Orleans, Louisville, Charleston, Tampa, and DC. 

  My partner, Aaron Mercadel of New Orleans, has participated in many bowling tournaments and, in fact, is in the National Bowling Association Hall of Fame in St. Louis MO.

This was Aaron's first  bid whist tournament. He hopes to soon start a club in New Orleans.  I will travel there to be part of that club until I can form one in Beaumont Texas.

This story was written by Roderick Walker who along with his partner Aaron Mercadel took 1st Place in the 2002 East Coast Bid Whist Championship. This tournament was held in Atlanta Georgia on September 21, 2002 as part of the Bicycle Playing Cards Grand Prix Bid Whist Marathon. Over $8000 was awarded that weekend.
Congratulations To Roderick & Aaron.


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Cincinnati Grand Prix Bid Whist
October 18-19, 2002

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Bicycle_Kitty_Whist-Straight_Whist.jpg (5199 bytes)Detroit
Kitty Whist & Straight Whist
Bid Whist Marathon
November 8-9, 2002

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