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Win Cincinnati Bid
Whist Marathon

Saturday Matinee

Troy Briscoe & Shawn Bailey  of the D.C. area  won 2 of 3 games in the Preliminary Rounds. They then swept through the "Sweet 16 Finals" to take the 1st Place prize at the Saturday Afternoon Matinee Tournament held during the Cincinnati Bid Whist Marathon. This is the 3rd victory for this fine team on the 2002 Bicycle Grand Prix Bid Whist Tour. They took 1st place at the Hartford Matinee Tournament on July 13, 2002. They also took 1st Place at the Cleveland Matinee Tournament on June 22, 2002. That makes 3 tournament victories all during the afternoon and in 3 different cities. They are pictured here with Denise, she says she deserves to be in the picture since it was her mistake that helped them win this tournament. :-)  Congratulations to Troy & Shawn.

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Kitty Whist & Straight Whist
Bid Whist Marathon
November 8-9, 2002


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