Final 2005 Year End Rankings
Thank You All For Playing

From D.C. Area
Ranked #1

From DC Area
Ranked #2

From DC Area
Ranked #3

From DC Area
Ranked #4

Nessie & Lenora
From New York City
Ranked Tied #5

From Las Vegas
Ranked #7

From NY Area
Ranked Tied #8

From D.C. Area
Ranked Tied #8

From NY Area
Ranked Tied #8

Out Of The Thousands
Of Bid Whist Players
 In The USA,
It Is An Honor To Be Anywhere
 On The List Below.


1st Place
Main Event
1st =10 Points

1st Place Other Tournaments
Place = 8
2nd Place = 6
3rd Place = 4
4th Place = 2



 1st Reggie Paige 84 DC Area
 2nd Robert Simon 76 DC Area
 3rd Troy Briscoe 60 DC Area
 4th Sam Wilson 52 DC Area
 5th Nannette Case 40 New York
 5th Lenora Clinton 40 New York
 7th Stephanie Pegues 38 Las Vegas
 8th Lou Williams 34 New York
  8th Moe Harrison 34 DC Area
 8th Stacy Haskins 34 New York
 11th Marilyn Johnson 30 Atlanta
  11th Herman Pegues 30 Las Vegas
 13th Alwin Woodall 26 Tampa
 13th Willie Knight 26 Tampa
 15th Debra Finley 24 Los Angeles
 15th Catherine Garvin 24 Los Angeles
 17th Dee Brown 22 Atlanta
 18th Harold Flowers 20 Detroit
 19th Richard Wilford 18 Los Angeles
 19th Devin Foreman 18 Los Angeles
 19th Lynda Brown 18 Miami
 22nd Sheila Williams 16 New York
 23rd Chrissy Evans 14 Chicago
 23rd Victor Yancey 14 Chicago
 23rd Greg Gadson 14 Atlanta
 23rd Leeshell Montgomery 14 Detroit
 23rd Chris Jones 14 Los Angeles
 23rd Sandra Simmons 14 Los Angeles
 23rd Linda Christian 14 Detroit
 23rd Doris Jones 14 Los Angeles
 23rd Lucky Frazier 14 Chicago
 23rd Dashea Jones 14 Detroit
 23rd Big  B 14 Detroit
 23rd Tresa Williams 14 Nashville
  23rd Lady T 14 Detroit
 36th Jerome Tinsley 12 DC Area
  36th Geoffrey Harrell 12 Detroit
  36th Gene Simmons 12 Miami
 36th Deborah Hutchinson 12 Atlanta
  36th Che' Alexander 12 Atlanta
  36th Andy Watson 12 Miami
 36th Marilyn Favors 12 Atlanta
  36th Cynthia Oats 12 Chicago
  36th Slammer 12 Bahamas
   36th Tony Edwards 12 DC Area
 46th Timothy Johnson, Jr. 10 DC Area
  46th Louis Washington 10 Detroit
 46th Karen Hodges 10 Miami
  46th Edward "Joe" Moore 10 DC Area
 46th Eddie Futcher 10 Orlando
  46th David Blackwell 10 New York
 46th Myrna Mitchell 10 New York
  46th Linwood P Woodhouse, Jr 10 Atlanta
 46th Al Lee 10 Chicago
  46th Pat DeBerry 10 Durham
 56th Ernest Collins 8 DC Area
  56th Patricia Robinson 8 Orlando
  56th Carol Byous 8 Los Angeles
 56th Claude Ferguson 8 Detroit
  56th Shirley Wesley 8 New York
  56th Zandra Carruthers 8 Los Angeles
  56th Patricia R Sylve 8 Los Angeles
 56th Johnny Jefferson 8 Dallas
  56th Ronnie Ogletree 8 Atlanta
  56th Morris J. Sambrone Jr. 8 New Orleans
  56th Charlie Cliff Pride 8 Detroit
 56th Sinsey Harris 8 New Orleans
  56th Melva L Rogers 8 Los Angeles
  56th Enos Campbell 8 Atlanta
  56th Levert Abdul-Aleem 8 Los Angeles
 56th Wesley Batts 8 DC Area
  56th T.K.   8 Atlanta
  56th Clifton Cheek 8 Detroit
 74th Nikki Morgan 6 Miami
  74th Thomas Covington 6 Pittsburgh
  74th Phyllis Cornute 6 Columbus
 74th Catherine Hall 6 Miami
 74th Gladys M. Ransom 6 Los Angeles
  74th Valerie Miller 6 Columbus
  74th Patrice Hughley 6 Los Angeles
 74th Sherman Laney, Jr 6 Atlanta
  75th Jeff Bond 6 Atlanta
 74th Rhonda Lewis 6 Detroit
  74th Eva Duncan 6 Las Vegas
  74th Marcus Lewis 6 Detroit
 74th Sandra Clark 6 Baltimore
 74th Virgil Baker 6 Baltimore
  74th Harvey Rice 6 Greensboro NC
  74th Ed Randall 6 Pittsburgh
 74th Alphonso Becote 6 High Point NC
 74th Henry Maddox 6 Atlanta
  74th Enid Britton 6 Atlanta
  74th Al Alston 6 Fayetteville NC
 74th Eval McIntyre 6 Fayetteville NC
 95th Carileen Kea 4 Tampa
 95th Elise Barr 4 Pittsburgh
  95th Shaina Looks 4 Los Angeles
  95th Donald Delancy 4 Miami
 95th Allen Swayze 4 Detroit
 95th Carl Sherman 4 Los Angeles
  95th Kenneth Wilson 4 Pittsburgh
  95th Henry Bell 4 Tampa
 95th Deborah Yannicelli 4 New York
 95th Collette Williams 4 Miami
  95th Sophia Shack 4 Los Angeles
  95th Teresa Perkins 4 Las Vegas
 95th Terry Mack 4 Detroit
 95th Aaron Mercadel 4 New Orleans
  95th Mark Spearman 4 Detroit
  95th Robin Hicks 4 Atlanta
 95th Janis Parks 4 Atlanta
 95th Tru Dobbins 4 Pittsburgh
  95th Celeste Malone 4 Tampa
  95th John Crawford 4 Houston
 95th Lavarn Peters 4 New Orleans
 95th Ulysses Brown, Jr. 4 Atlanta
  95th Leslie Millington 4 New York
  95th Mitchell Jefferson 4 Detroit
 95th Claude Broomfield 4 Houston
 95th Randall Stubblefield 4 Pittsburgh
  95th Will Claypool 4 Detroit
  95th Curtis Smith 4 Atlanta
  95th Rod   4 Las Vegas
 124th Theresa James 2 New Orleans
 124th Tyrone Reese 2 Chicago
 124th Anthony Bass 2 New Orleans
 124th Deaveraux Berry 2 Detroit
 124th Terjuan Lister 2 Florida
 124th Jermaine Martin 2 Los Angeles
 124th Theresa Pettus 2 Detroit
 124th Bruce Douglas 2 Atlanta
 124th Robin Futcher 2 Orlando
 124th Shannon Mays 2 Houston
 124th Christine Gay 2 Miami
 124th Patricia Moore 2 Detroit
 124th Robin Eagan 2 Detroit
 124th Khalifa McZeal 2 Los Angeles
 124th Catherine Franklin 2 Winston-Salem
 124th Harry Transon 2 Winston-Salem
 124th Ronald K. Noble 2 Atlanta
 124th Royce Hargrove 2 Chicago
 124th Gloria J Watts 2 New York
 124th Monica Hedgewood 2 Detroit
 124th Brenda Love 2 Los Angeles
 124th Benjamin Ross 2 Atlanta
 124th Pierre Booker 2 Los Angeles
 124th Oliver D'Augustino 2 Tampa
 124th Linda Johnson 2 Detroit
 124th Antha Williams 2 Detroit
 124th James W Smith, Jr. 2 New York
 124th Clayton Monroe 2 Detroit
Total Number Of Nationally Ranked Players = 151