2015 National Rankings*               

*Includes all tournaments held through the Atlanta bid whist weekend
Out Of The Thousands Of Bid Whist Players In The USA.
 It Is An Honor To Be Anywhere On The List Below.

1st Place
Main Event
1st =10 Points

1st Place Other Tournaments
Place = 8
2nd Place = 6
3rd Place = 4
4th Place = 2

National Rank

First Name
Last Name
1st Carl Chambers 70 Chicago
1st Tiffany Hutson 70 Chicago
3rd Lenora Clinton 60 New York
4th Lou Williams 50 Atlanta
4th Claude Robinson 50 New York
6th Kevin Jones 42 California
6th Cynthia Bryan 42 DC
8th Joe Jones 40 New York
9th Ms Deb Finley 34 Los Angeles
9th Barbara Ambush 34 Baltimore
11th Nessie Case 30 New York
12th Bill Bell 28 Detroit
12th Greg Gadson 28 Atlanta
12th Terrence Sumpter 28 New York
15th Gloria Watts 24 Tennessee
15th Roxanne Law 24 Tampa
17th Erika Enge 18 Los Angeles
17th Curtis Franklin 18 Florida
17th Alvin Turner 18 Gonzales
17th Darryl Banks 18 Gonzales
17th Robert  Jackson 18 New Orleans
17th Gregg Brown 18 Miami
23rd Tiffany (tiff300zx) Clark 16 Baltimore
23rd Shelia Reed 16 Los Angeles
23rd Jody McCollough 16 Orlando
23rd Deborah Milner 16 New York
23rd Tonya Mallory 16 Los Angeles
28th Cheryl Henderson 14 Los Angeles
28th Chris (Whistmaster) Jones 14 Los Angeles
28th Loretta Peters 14 Texas
28th Charles Mosley 14 Mississippi
28th Ejay Joiner 14 DC
28th Rick (Henglo) Kindred 14 Miami
28th Javon (Youngblood) Hall 14 Chicago
28th Bobby Lewis 14 Atlanta
28th Daryl Richardson 14 Los Angeles
28th Ulysses Parker 14 New York
28th Shean Lawson 14 Alabama
28th Rhonda Lewis 14 Detroit
28th Tim Marshall 14 Detroit
28th Gwen Okotogbo 14 Miami
28th Denise Elbeck 14 New Jersey
43rd Claude Wilkerson 12 New Orleans
43rd Ron Wilkerson 12 New Orleans
43rd Dr. Mel   12 Mississippi
43rd Pat Robinson 12 Orlando
43rd Andrea (Queen Bee) Porties 12 Chicago
43rd Tyrone (King) Porties 12 Chicago
43rd Freddie Jones 12 Dallas
43rd Boom Khan 12 New York
43rd Helen Khan 12 New York
43rd Priscilla Jones 12 New York
53rd Pat Moore 10 Detroit
53rd Pam Polk 10 Texas
53rd Valencia Parker-Evans 10 Tennessee
53rd Angela (Candy) Robinson 10 DC
53rd Howard Bly 10 New York
53rd Patrenia Graham 10 Atlanta
53rd Che Alexander 10 Atlanta
53rd Denise Gillard 10 New York
53rd Bidder Sweet 10 Chicago
62nd Greg Lowe 8 Columbus
62nd Sylvia Scott 8 Columbus
62nd Stephanie Martin 8 New York
62nd Tyrone Peterson 8 New York
62nd Eddie Fortune 8 Texas
62nd Sam Wilson 8 DC
62nd Troy  Briscoe 8 DC
62nd Notorious B.I.D. (B.I.D. 3:16)   8 Detroit
62nd Beverlyn Jackson 8 Los Angeles
62nd Robert  Davis 8 Los Angeles
62nd Jeff Baulding 8 Atlanta
62nd Lavarn Peters 8 New Orleans
62nd Bob   8 New Orleans
62nd Dianne Parham 8 Detroit
62nd Mo (Wolfpack) Mohammed 8 Detroit
62nd Shirley Pickard 8 Texas
62nd Jeff  Bond 8 Atlanta
62nd Linwood   Woodhouse 8 Atlanta
80th Al Rhodes 6 Mississippi
80th Mabel   6 Mississippi
80th Chris Hurd 6 Atlanta
80th Elsie Jefferson 6 Atlanta
80th Karen Ezell-Davis 6 New York
80th Ronnie (Kappa Konnection) Ogletree 6 Atlanta
80th Glen   6 Texas
80th Hankstir Hayes 6 New Orleans
80th Tyrone Burnett 6 DC
80th Keith Bullock 6 DC
80th Mitchell Jefferson 6 Detroit
80th Gerald Lofton 6 Los Angeles
80th Karen Henry 6 Los Angeles
80th LaTonya Davis 6 Los Angeles
80th Sinester Nabors 6 Los Angeles
80th Steve Hawkins 6 Los Angeles
80th Karen Rigsby 6 Atlanta
80th Ray Harris 6 Atlanta
80th Ulysses Brown 6 Atlanta
80th Dynette Baldwin 6 Detroit
80th Rikita Fields 6 Detroit
80th Blood Williams 6 New Orleans
80th Cynthia Cherry 6 Las Vegas
80th Debra Collier 6 Los Angeles
80th Cathy Lloyd 6 Atlanta
80th Moe   6 Atlanta
80th Chris Gay 6 Miami
80th Lynda Brown 6 Miami
80th Quisha   6 Miami
80th Portea Ritzel 6 Texas
80th Alicia Spradling 6 Atlanta
80th Linda Johnson-Kone 6 DC
80th Delia McGee 6 New Jersey
80th Charles Walters 6 Atlanta
80th MsPat Cotton 6 Atlanta
80th Ace Prince 6 Atlanta
80th Reese   6 Chicago
80th Robin Futcher 6 Orlando
80th LaTreala Exum 6 Tennessee
80th David Brown 6 Las Vegas
120th Nicole  Killbrew 4 Tennessee
120th Shari Alexander 4 Titusville
120th Mary Benson 4 Mississippi
120th Almaria Clark 4 Baltimore
120th George Whitfield 4 Detroit
120th Jonjerrie Gray 4 Detroit
120th Rican (Mike) Acosta 4 Los Angeles
120th Richard Washington 4 Los Angeles
120th Ernest   4 Atlanta
120th Gene Simmons 4 Miami
120th Sinsey   4 New Orleans
120th Eleanor Burke 4 New York
120th Marlene Taylor 4 New York
120th Peggy Bullock 4 Detroit
120th Larry Hill 4 Miami
120th Cassandra Hill 4 Miami
120th Shotta   4 Atlanta
120th Demetrius Martin 4 Chicago
120th Sam Holmes 4 Chicago
120th Zara Madison 4 Los Angeles
140th Barbara White 2 Florida
140th Acy Scott 2 Gonzalez
140th Wiley Williams 2 Gonzalez
140th Donna  Hobson 2 Houston
140th Sherry Benson 2 Mississippi
140th Stacy Haskins 2 New York
140th Terry Williams 2 Los Angeles
140th Jennifer Stovall 2 Atlanta
140th Ron Noble 2 Atlanta
140th Jerome (Jay) Martin 2 Chicago
140th Fast Eddie Futcher 2 Orlando
140th Avon   2 Detroit
140th Karla   2 Detroit
140th Allen (7No Detroit) Swayze 2 Detroit
140th John Bell 2 Detroit
140th Kat   2 Detroit
140th Cheryl Jackson 2 Texas
140th Patrick Huntley 2 New Orleans
140th Roy   2 New Orleans


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