Club Membership Is Free

There Are Only 3 Requirements Necessary
To Form a Card Sharks, Inc. Sanctioned Club:

  1. Your club must consist of a minimum  8 players willing to meet at least once a month, and compete against each other, or  against other clubs who travel to their area.

  2. You must submit a club roster of all of your members. Rosters must consist of: names, real postal addresses, telephone numbers, and Email addresses (if any).

  3. Your club must choose a unique name. An example is listed below.

Circle Of Friends Bid Whist Club Of New York
Metropolitan Whist Assoc. Of The D.C. Area


So if you like to play Bid Whist, meet new friends, win prizes & medals, and have a great time, get your friends together and join!


If you have met the requirements above,
email your club information (club name, roster, officers, pictures, etc.) to:

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